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Game Development

Ninja Vault is an indie game development team, aiming to not only moves in game development field, but also a team who moves in the entertainment industries. Of course, game development would be our main focus. We’re currently working on our first project as a team, a 3D Action RPG called Parachronism: Order of Chaos. Find out more about Parachronism in

Movie Making

We’re planning to turn our games and stories into animated short movies. You’ll be able to see the videos on our website or on our youtube channel (


Of course, we have a support service for our customers. You can head to our Contact Us section to see our email address.

Main Features

60 In-Game Places You Can Visit Everyday

There are +60 In-game places that you can visit in the game including rooms, mansions, etc. Be prepared to run here and there completing tasks!

Fictional History Book

In the world of Parachronism, everything has a start, so you don’t just appear in somewhere you won’t even know what when where. Make sure to check out the history book!

Simple Social Simulation

Your relationship with other people may help you in completing your tasks. Be friendly! Just be sure you’re not befriending the wrong people…

Stunning Soundtracks

Crafting System

Crafting is a must in all RPGs! Craft your weapons, potions, jewelries, and armours! Those things will be helpful in battles. Never look down the battles.

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Game Quotes

“Outsiders can leave you whenever they want, but family will always be with you.”

Zhou Huo Lu

“If the sky itself were to fall down, I’d take it…”

Liu Yi

Our Progress

Parachronism: Order of Chaos would be our first project as an indie game development team. We put lots of efforts in developing this very first project of ours as we hope to bring the best quality to all gamers out there. After months (even years) of development and based on some reviews, we decided that there are some minor things left for us to do before we could deliver the best quality of Parachronism: Order of Chaos to you! Stay tuned to our news and updates and look forward to our D-Day!

  • Re-enhancing the 3D characters
  • Polishing the game-play
  • You are ready to explore the world of Parachronism
2D Arts/3D Arts


Latest news

Welcome Our New Game Designers!

Hello everyone! We’ve recently got two new game designers who will help us to do the project and bring it to you faster. They are: Zachary Cliff 2. Christos Kotsonis   With them being in the team, we hope that we can have a faster progress in the game design department.  

Our First Blog Post!

Hello everyone! We’ve finally made our first blog post (yay!) We know it’s taken too long before we finally decided to have a blog. But don’t worry, if you want to know about early development of our current project (Parachronism: Order of Chaos) you can see it on our facebook page ( Right now, we […]

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