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Game Development

Game Development is our main focus and what we are currently doing right now. Though we may start moving in other entertainment fields too, this will stay as our main focus. Right now we’re currently working on a 3D Action RPG called Parachronism: Order of Chaos

Animated CG

We will also make short animated movies from time to time in between our game development works. Of course, it will still be related to the games we make. Where can I see most of it you say? In our games! (And of course youtube channel too)

24/7 Support

And lastly, as any game companies will offer to their customers, we’ll also provide 24/7 support. Meaning you can ask anything you want about our works and you can even request things like the next game we’re going to make!

Main Features

Fictional History Book

Everything doesn’t just happen in coincidence. Everything that you’ll face has a history behind it…

Simple Life Simulation

Not a pure RPG you’ll play but a hybrid of RPG and Life Simulation. Meaning? You should eat!

Stunning Soundtracks

HQ soundtracks we have here. We have our own soundtracks design by our sound designers!

Crafting System

Well you can choose to buy your things instead of making it of course. But well, do you have the money?

Do you want to…

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Our team


Game Quotes

“I care about my friends! But crying would do nothing.”

Yu Tang Jian Crown Prince of Cranshade Kingdom

“If the sky itself were to fall down, I’d take it…”

Liu Yi Master of Bing Tao Valley

“Outsiders can leave you whenever they want, but family will always be with you.”

Zhou Huo Lu Crown Prince of Chrolstice Kingdom

Our Progress

By 2017.05.26, our game is at its peak, meaning it's almost ready to be published. Alpha version will be released around June with the BETA following. Now, to be sure, here are the works we need to work on in order for it to be done.

  • Some level designing
  • Code tweaking
  • Combine everything
Art (2D, 3D, and Level Design)


Latest news

Enhanced in-game graphics and UI concepts

Hello everyone! Months had passed since our last update. But don’t worry, this game is still in development and progressing. Only that some of us are getting busier that it takes more time than expected. Months doesn’t pass in vain. We have some epic Enhanced In-game Graphics for all of you! And some of our […]

Welcome Our New Game Designers!

Hello everyone! We’ve recently got two new game designers who will help us to do the project and bring it to you faster. They are: Zachary Cliff 2. Christos Kotsonis   With them being in the team, we hope that we can have a faster progress in the game design department.  

Our First Blog Post!

Hello everyone! We’ve finally made our first blog post (yay!) We know it’s taken too long before we finally decided to have a blog. But don’t worry, if you want to know about early development of our current project (Parachronism: Order of Chaos) you can see it on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ninjavault). Right now, we […]

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