Best 5 Android Games for Girls

Best 5 Android Games for Girls

10) Quizz Up

 You like competing in the Quiz Competition and expand your knowledge, this is the right game for you with visually engaging Questions and Answers. The game is gripping in nature and the best part is you can compete against online Rivals and can continuously increase your skill set.

The game has a huge variety of topics ranging from current pop culture to obscure scientific facts, to sports, geography, historical events, famous people, and geography. The game also helps you brush up your vocabulary and spellings with beautifully illustrated questions.

The game has a huge collection of topics like Arts, Business, Games, Movies, Education history, Lifestyle, and Literature. The game requires Android 4.03 and above to run. Girl Gamers can have fun with this Quizzing wonder.

Approx Game Size: 31 Mb

Number of Downloads: 10,000,000

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Download link – Quizz Up

 9) Princess Give Birth A Baby

The game is about a Princess whose daughter has always wanted to have a brother or sister. And now her dreams are coming true – it’s time for Princess to give birth! Let’s go to the hospital and help Princess with bearing a child and taking care of the newborn.

It is a unique concept and some may totally like the game and some may simply abhor it.

10 Best Android Games for Girls

Approx Game Size: 14 Mb

Number of Downloads: 1,000,000

Download Link – Princess Give Birth A Baby

8) Angry Birds

Number 8 on the list of 10 Best Games for Girls to Play on Smartphone is Angry Birds. This has been one of the most played games of 2012-2014 and is liked by all. It is a fun game and you can spend hours with the game without blinking an eye.

Why The birds got Angry because the Pigs stole their eggs and they want to take revenge from the pigs by destroying all the defense that the pigs have setup.

The player has to estimate the angle on which the Angry bird is catapulted to destroy the defense of Pigs. The game has immense graphical details and most enchanting sounds. The birds get different powers from time to time and the levels become difficult as you progress in the Game.

10 Best Android Games for Girls

Approx Game Size: 47 Mb

Number of Downloads: 300,000,000

Download Link – Angry Birds

7) Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga is a brand new game from the makers of the legendary Candy Crush Saga. New candies, more divine combinations, and challenging game modes filled up with purple soda! Candy Crush Soda is a free to play Game buy if you require more lives or quick access you may need to pay.

The game is as addicting as were the previous Games by the King’s Studio. If you are a girl you may love it as much you love the original Candy Crush Game.

candycrush soda saga

Approx Game Size: 43 Mb

Number of Downloads: 10,000,000

Download Link – Candy Crush Soda Saga

6)  Cut the Rope 2

Number 6 on the list of 10 Best Games for Girls to Play on Smartphone is Cut the Rope 2. It is a free android game which you can enjoy on your smartphone and tablet for free. The adventure game is a good time pass whenever you get a break from your work.

Cut the Rope 2 brings fresh challenging tasks and unanticipated obstacles to the candy crunching, a physics-based game that has delighted millions of players around the world.

The game is all new compared to the older version and comes with new adventures and characters as you progress further in the game it becomes more demanding and you will need to apply yourself to cross the hurdles.

Cut the rope 2

Approx Game Size: Varies with tablet or Smartphone

Number of Downloads: 10,000,000

Download Link – Cut the Rope 2

5) Fruit Ninja

The original game is revamped by the studio and the newer version is better with new levels, graphics and more interesting scenarios. All the Blades and Dojos now have a unique effect on gameplay.

Want a ten-fruit Great Wave? Bouncing clouds to never drop a fruit? Swirling tornados for epic combos? The new version of the game has it all. The game is about slicing fruits and as the levels progress you get new powers and blades to accomplish missions.

Fruit Ninja vastly popular game

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