Samsung- The best Budget Smartphone

Samsung- The best Budget Smartphone

Samsung has now become one of the best phones across the globe and they have almost hit all the customers right from keypad phones to touchscreen and foldable phones, they have now become the pioneers in the telecom industry. Earlier, everyone used to trust only Nokia and it had captured the whole market but they were not up to the mark with the touch screen phones. They never adapted to the new era and slowly, Samsung took over. Now, it competes with Apple iPhone as they are giving good features at cost-effective pricing. They have an all in one package right from samsung mobile under 6000 to flagship phones.

Samsung j7: 

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Samsung j7 is one of the best budget phones but obviously you cannot expect things to be like Samsung s9. For those who want to just pick phones and text on WhatsApp, Samsung j7 is supposed to be the best buy. And it is well within the budget for keeping it is a spare phone.

Samsung M10: 

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If you have a little more budget, Samsung M10 is supposed to be the best phone for sure. But one thing is that it is not available in any of the retail stores. You just have to buy it online like Amazon and Flipkart. Amazon is the best platform for buying electronic gadgets and other things also. Flipkart is also equivalent to amazon but when it comes to electronic gadgets, Amazon is trust-worthy and holds the most responsibilities of delivering things on time.

The A-series Phone:

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The A-series phones seem to be the best buy for those who are planning to buy a phone under 20000. They have put in all the features for cost-effective pricing. The phone has a portrait mode, which makes your face looks natural and nice. The S-series phones are way expensive than the A-series phone but at the same time has amazing features. The specifications-wise, Samsung is way ahead. Apple, on the other hand, fails to deliver features and that is the reason the sales have come down.

Do not invest money on materialistic things and if you still have money in abundance, you can either buy a Samsung or Apple. I hope we have covered the topics related to Samsung mobile under 6000. Thanks for reading!

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